Quietly whispers a sound of hope.

When you play the Game of thrones you win or you die.

2young final episode on We Got Married.

once again, junmyeon being a patron saint for saving the members from the devil

Soshi Colors - Pink ~

he just want a meal from Wooyoung~

"My life motto is to ‘live while having fun’. My life goal is to keep living happily and with adventure, but I am really happy right now. I’ve thought about things like this a lot, you see. ‘As I live and do whatever my heart desires, how many people would I affect negatively?’ There hadn’t seemed to be much. ‘As I do what I want, I do a job where I earn money and receive love, why wouldn’t I be happy?’ Whenever I think something like this, I become a grateful mess and approach life with an excited heart again.”

(000825 - 140825 — happy 14th anniversary, boa!  ♡)


140823 - more cute English brought to you by Chinaline

taemin learning gwiyomi from the fanclub president jonghyun~
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